Want to Date Hot Girls? Here Are 3 Sure Fire Techniques to Make Hot Girls Attracted to You Fast!

Do you want to date hot girls? Do you want to sleep with beautiful women? If so, I urge you to read this page with completely without skipping any part of it. You are about to discover the sure fire techniques to make hot girls attracted to you. It doesn't matter even if you are ugly, bald or old. These techniques work...

High Self-Worth - This is something very important and essential. You must feel worthy of yourself. Before you can make others like and love you, you have to like and love yourself. Self-Love is the best love. Most people walk around with the idea that if they are loved by others, it'll be enough. That doesn't work. And it doesn't work on hot girls. If you want hot girls to like you, you have to love yourself and feel that you are worthy. This will give you the confidence.

Don't Compliment On Her Looks - Never ever compliment a woman on her looks. You can cockily tease her about her looks. But be careful around hot women. Before you approach an eighteen year old hot girl, she would have been approached by hundreds of guys who would have told she's hot. Hot girls

And if you tell her she's hot, it's not going to work well. She'll think that you are another loser. Instead of complimenting on her looks, tease her. Tease her on her looks. Tell her that any guy would do anything to get to sleep with her because she's hot. This instantaneously melts a woman.

Be A Leader - Women are attracted to men who are decisive and are leaders. Don't ask her about what to do. It's okay to ask for an opinion. But never ever let her decisions over rule you. You must lead her in a conversation too. You must never let the conversation go silent. Talk about anything you can think off. Talk about Obama, the bars, the nightlife, etc.

Keep leading her. And if you are ordering food, you're ordering it right away. Don't ask her about what to order. You go to order and then when she gives her opinion, order that. Hot girls like guys who are leaders.